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  • More Martina, less Christina. Seriously, after the National Anthem flub last week at the Super Bowl, I'm surprised they wanted her to participate in the Aretha Franklin tribute. Seriously girl, you have a nice voice when you're not ripping your vocal chords.

  • Love Jennifer Hudson's rendition of Respect. She stole that tribute.

  • Aretha, you're a class act. Love you! I'm glad she's doing better.

  • I guess Glee can't win every award. But "Hey, Soul Sister" is a good Train song even if it's not my cuppa. But why did they thank Howard Stern?


  • *after watching performance* Man, not as epic a performance as I was expecting of you Gaga. Love the plastic-looking skirts though. Song still rocks my socks too.

  • I don't get Justin Bieber and why there's so much obsession with him.

  • So happy that Gaga won best pop album.

  • Oh what happened to you Bob Dylan? I can almost hear a faint memory of what your voice used to sound like.

  • And just like that, I'm tired of typing my thoughts. LOL
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