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Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and New Year! I'm trying out my new year's resolution and hoping it sticks after the pitiful blog output I had the last couple of years. This year, I'm going to just do it. Not to rip off Nike, but far too often I come up with ideas of stuff I want to do, but never accomplish them. Not this year.

As such, I want to reconnect with my LJ friends (by posting more, commenting more, etc.)! Even though I've basically moved to Facebook and Twitter, I miss posting inane fandom crap with sprinkles of real life to LJ on a daily basis. I'm not sure how well I'd do at blogging everyday due to my law class, but I can update at least once a week. It used to be daily back in high school and my early years of college. Aaahh in November I will have had this LJ for nine years. That's mind-boggling.

On that nostalgic note, last year ended pretty well. Finished a whole year of grad school, and I went to London for the third time with [livejournal.com profile] faeriecross in tow, and I got to do overseas correspondence by covering a lecture at the House of Lords. I was also involved in an award-winning original play as the makeup designer, and was a founder of a social media site for my university. The greatest accomplishment of all was being promoted at work as the A&E editor, which has been a goal of mine ever since I started working at the paper. This year I'm planning on some more trips and adventures, life permitting. It's amazing in a few months I'll be entering the last year of my 20s. omgwtf!

My hair color is awesome and it was a total accident. ...just had to throw that in there.

Other than that, I've been starting some new fannish creations. I want to give Shrine Maiden a new look, write some fic, make some icons and remodel my personal Web site.

Tell me what's up with you my flist! :D
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Wow, I am really a huge procrastinator. Looking back, most of my entries are either memes, links or brief entries that say I promise to actually update my LJ and I don't until I make another similar "I promise to update" post.

Well, I haven't been updating anything because I simply allowed myself to get out of the habit of daily blogging. I apologize for the long-unexpected hiatus, I honestly didn't see it coming myself. I started trickling away from LJ as far back as 2005, but it really hit in 2007 when I started becoming more active with on campus activities.

I got back into theatre around this time after I realized I had missed it so much after I graduated high school. I also quit my job at Chick-fil-A at the same time and then got a job at the campus paper writing mostly arts and entertainment articles and feature stories (I recently won the award for best A&E writer at SLU and three of my articles were sent off to the Best of South competition at the Southeastern Journalism Conference).

Other than that, I graduated college (first in my family to boot) and traveled to Europe last summer. I'll be starting grad school this year and in the summer I'll be returning to London, England to study international media. Everything's coming up Tara. :D

I'll get into the particulars of these events at a later time since I want to make a list of what I want to document since a lot of stuff has happened over the past few years and I really don't want to forget any of it. I swear, blogging is just like re-learning how to ride a bike or something. But I figure, if I want to be a great journalist I might as well do my daily writing.

So in case it's not that obvious, I decided to restart updating my LJ more frequently from now on! I'm dead serious this time too! 8D;; And yes I'll be commenting on my flist too after I do some major cleaning up of the communities I belong to as well as cleaning up the flist itself. I really don't care to have a huge flist anymore since it only added to my blogging hiatus.

If people constantly complain about people not commenting on their entries then I feel less inclined to comment at all. I would always read entries but I would sometimes just never feel like commenting since someone said what I had to say already or I had nothing to add to the conversation.

Another thing I'm also going to stop doing is commenting on friend memes. I never really connect to people that way. It's kinda like we just allow people access to lurk into our LJs without really getting to know them. That's not how I did it with the people whom I'm really close to on LJ. We met via similar comms, forums, or roleplaying games where we would chat ooc. Hell, I first met my roommates in a Slayers community. I just want to go back to getting to know people better before instantly adding them. :/

Btw, I also decided to make my journal open once more but I will still lock certain entries that pertain to stuff I don't want to broadcast over the entire internet.

So, about what's been preoccupying my time recently... )


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