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Mar. 19th, 2011 04:13 pm
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I was very saddened by the recent events in Japan, and my heart goes out to everyone that has been affected by the disaster. While I was in NYC for conference I kept a close watch on how the events were unfolding in Japan. While Tokyo is considered to be a safe zone, it still suffers some setbacks in energy and transportation; only some trains have partially begun to run again in Tokyo.
While it is true that the radiation level in Tokyo has risen, the levels are too low to pose any harm. According to the Japanese government and Nuclear Safety Officials, these levels are just higher than our regular daily dosage, around the same as we would get from taking an international flight at a higher elevation.
Despite the setbacks, people in the Tokyo area went to work and school, and everyone in the other areas such as the Kansai region remain untouched and fully functioning. Help from several other countries have arrived and are working towards recovery.
To help for a swift recovery, here are some resources I've discovered. I want to support Japan’s economy when I can and give back to the country that has given me the anime, manga and culture I love.

Google Crisis Response. - Gives links for donations, as well as latest news and realtime updates via Twitter.
20 ways to teach about the disaster in Japan. - Helpful post to understand the basics of what happened.
Q&A on the nuclear crisis in Japan. - Even more indepth information on the nuclear crisis.

Here are different charities that are involved in helping the crisis:

American Redcross.
Convoy of Hope.
Global Giving.
Herald de Paris. (for helping the zoo/aquarium animals of Japan).
Hope Letters. (for those who can't donate anything monetary, but still want to help).
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Here's my full story on the coverage of the Buzz fire. Please leave me comments, I love reading them! :D
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After much anticipation, Lady Gaga has released her newest single today, entitled "Born This Way," which was released earlier than originally planned. While listening to it, I'm reminded of an early Madonna during the age of hits like "Express Yourself" or "Vogue." Seems like I'm not alone here.

With the catchy lyrics invoking empowerment, (and heck, just an infectious beat) has Lady Gaga done it again? Take a listen for yourself.

The "Born This Way" single is currently available on iTunes with the album of the same name coming out in May. For those who can't wait for the album, or even the music video, Lady Gaga will perform "Born This Way" at the 53rd annual Grammy awards this Sunday. Who's watching it with me? :D
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Two onlookers watch as firefighters from the Hammond Fire Department assist in stopping the flames inside the Hammond nightclub The Buzz. As of 9:32 p.m., there were no injuries, and the exterior of the building remained in tact. The exact cause still remains unclear.


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