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Here's my list of who I will think should win the academy awards. Items in bold are the winners, and items in italic are my guesses. If it's bold and italic, it means my guess was right. Mostly my guesses are made up of whom I want to win, not necessarily whom I think will win.

The 85th Academy Awards )

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Here's my list of who I will think should win the academy awards. If it's bold, it means my guess was right, it's it striked through, it means I was wrong.

The 83rd Academy Awards )
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'DARK KNIGHT': RECORD $67+M FRIDAY; Smashes Biggest Single Day B.O. Gross; Could Crush Best 3-Day Weekend Record; Biggest Overall Moviegoing FSS In History.

Saw it again today. Still just as awesome. I need to see it on IMAX now just for solidarity.
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The Dark Knight

Yes, it is as good as everyone says it is.

I'll write more on it later since I have many thoughts regarding to it but I have yet to decide if I want to make a bulleted list or write a full-out editorial on it. We shall see.

But my opinion in brief w/o spoilers? It's the best Batman film I've seen to date and the Joker owns my soul. *shiver*

If anyone wants to share opinions, feel free to post them! :D

I want to see it again. And again. AND AGAIN. ASAP! *more shivers*


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