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For the spring makeup season, MAC has done it again to appeal to my nerdy demographic. Last autumn they managed to snag me with their Disney villains makeup line (LOVE my Maleficent lipstick), and now they're appealing to my love of girl power, comics and pop art with their newest color line inspired by the Amazonian hero Wonder Woman.

This newest line screams of boldness and color, which I highly enjoy. I love the prints in reminiscence of Lichtenstein in vibrant comic book colors, along with the bold packaging designs. The colors are what you would expect of Wonder Woman: electric blues, bright reds and heroic golds and silvers. If you're like me, and love colors that make a statement, this line is for you.

What I've been secretly coveting is the utility brush set in shimmering gold. I do makeup designs as a hobby, which I someday hope to turn into a profession, and when I saw this little wonder of wonders, I knew it had to be mine. It appeals to the makeup designer in me for its convenience, as well the comic book nerd in me who has always wanted her own utility belt. I mean, Wonder Woman does have the best accessories. And hey, I got my tax refund in, so why not treat myself to something nice?

The collection is available now till mid-April, so if you want some super powered makeup of your own, get it before it's gone.


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